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DJ Pricing

1. Starter Package

Pricing: $400 for the first 4 hours. Additional time available at $100 per hour.

The Starter package is a great service for people who want a DJ to "show up and play". People who use this package sometimes have an I-Pod or MP3 player they want to use as a music source. Your DJ will also have a music library to choose from. This package is normally staffed by the less experienced but enthusiastic DJs.

It does not include any meeting time or planning. Your DJ is assigned about two weeks before your event. Travel is limited. The Starter package is normally limited to a guest count of 75 or fewer.

The Mini-Weding Package

Pricing: $595 for the first 4 hours. Additional time available at $150 per hour.

The mini wedding package includes all the same experienced and talented DJs as well as the same equipment offered in the full service "premier"package. The mini wedding package offers limited travel. The mini wedding package is normally limited to a guest count of 75 or fewer.

Meetings are done by phone and e-mail. Face to face meeting time is not included in this package.  We have found this is a great choice for people who have a smaller, more intimate wedding but still want to dance and have fun on their wedding day. This package is also available for couples needing a DJ to work with a band.

The Premier Package

Pricing: $795 for the first 4 hours. Additional time available at $150 per hour.

The DJs To Go Full service wedding package includes everything most couples will need to have a fun, memorable and elegant wedding reception. All the equipment needed is included such as: a professional audio sound equipment, a wireless mic, a dance lighting effect, music, and the meeting time you would need to get to know your DJ and plan the reception. There is no sales tax, travel fees or mandatory gratuity.

The first meeting is an informal “meet and greet” type of gathering. We like to see each couple meet their DJ in person before signing contracts to make sure they will be working with the “right DJ for them”. Personalities vary, we want to make sure you and your DJ are “like minded” when it comes to your wedding day vision. There is no cost for this meeting but we will need to gather some basic wedding day information to help us select the right DJ for your wedding.

We also like to see couples meet with their DJ two to four weeks before the wedding day. This planning meeting is when you will talk with your DJ very specifically about music and the flow of events. The end result of this meeting should be a great wedding day where the two of you just walk in to the reception and have a good time. If you have time and distance issues, the second meeting can also be done by phone and e-mail.

* A trained and experienced professional DJ.
* Full professional audio sound system.
* Two mics, one wireless and one corded.
* One dance lighting effect.
* All your meeting time.
* All your travel time.
* All your DJ & emcee time.
* All music research time.
* Early arrival and set up before the event.
* Set and strike of all the equipment.

Ceremony (no reception)

Pricing: $195 for the first 1.5 hours. Additional time available at $100 per hour.

If you don't need a DJ for the reception, this package will provide you with music and two microphones for a romantic ceremony. DJs To Go is pleased to be able to provide you with an experienced DJ who can easily supply music and microphones for your ceremony. Although many couples incorporate the ceremony into the wedding entertainment package for additional savings, some couples need a DJ and microphones for the ceremony alone.

Other Events

DJs To Go has several DJs who specilize in non-wedding oriented events such as birthdays, holiday parties, anniversaries and production oriented events. Please call or e-mail to find the best DJ pick for your particular event.

Call, e-mail or text with questions

Phone & Text: 310 798 8711

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