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Don Tonic


Don's connections to the art of music are deep and lifelong, following a path of education and performance that spans two decades. In his ten years as a professional DJ he has amassed an impressive resume including high-profile dates at some of Miami's, Seattle's and Atlanta's hottest night spots.

Don also knows music intimately, he is a classically trained percussionist.Watching and hearing Don play one of his many drums at an event is great entertainment and really adds a special flair to a song you've heard many times before.With an advance request, Don has the ability to play along at nearly any event.

In addition, Don has performed numerous wedding and corporate events of varied styles and locations.  You name it, he's got it and already knows it. He's probably already been there too.  Backyards, outdoor gardens, underground, and upscale ballrooms all fall onto his list of past locations.

There isn't too much that surprises Don.  When it comes to smooth, polished and hip, Don has all the angles covered.  He's also been in high demand for a sound he calls "D.T. Radio" that covers the musical spectrum from Latin and down tempo to rock, hip hop, top 40 and pop.after the model of free form radio,

Don fashions these sets to adapt to the tastes of any audience, from corporate to club. It is this versatility, this fullness of scope, that defines Don Tonic as an artist and DJ.He is clearly a unique talent among man.

To contact or book Don, click the e-mail link below or call 310 798 8711.

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