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The video projection package is a full service offering from DJs To Go.  Your DJ will transport the projector, screen and DVD player to your reception site.  Your DJ will also set up all the equipment, operate the equipment and remove it when the presentation is finished.

DJs To Go will supply a very bright and powerful projector to insure an easily viewable and clean presentation.  In most cases, we can project during the day time hours.  Couples are strongly encouraged to provide a DVD to their DJ at least one week prior to the wedding for quality testing purposes.

Rates (All rates include delivery and operation)

*    Projector, DVD player and screen: $400

*    Projector and DVD player (no screen): $300

*    Projection (no wedding) with a projector, DVD player, screen and a speaker for audio: $500  

Special note: DJs To Go is not responsible for the DVD quality or its content.  

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